Client Reviews

I participated in one of Andrea’s photoshoot specials and enjoyed every second of the experience. My husband treated me to the shoot as a birthday gift and it was the most luxurious, comfortable and fun experience. Andrea is a consummate professional with an incredible talent for producing stunning, rich and dramatic images. She runs her studio like a well-oiled machine, streamlining everything with great care to ensure that every aspect of the client experience is wonderful. As a fellow photographer, I am a great admirer of her artistry, and as a client I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the photos she took of me. If you ever get a chance to work with Andrea, you will cherish the experience!


Ladies, a shoot with Andrea must be part of your To-do-before-I-die list.
From beginning to end, playtime in Andrea’s closet is a total orgasmic experience. No matter age or size, she and her amazing team will make you remember that you are strongly beautiful, in a professional but warm and personalized way. It’s the new woman’s chocolate.
You may expect you to indulge in the seven sins at her studio. Glamorous eyes and lips, sumptuous hair, dolled up with lace and diamond in front of her camera.

She’s the devil wearing Prada…and you’re going to have fun.


Having never done anything like this before…and being so nervous and shy, I was completely enthralled with everything the shoot had to offer…from first glance at the beautiful space when you walk in, to her wonderful team, to the beautiful lingerie she had to offer…she kept things really down to earth and comfortable for a newbie like me standing in her undies…I RECOMMEND HER TO EVERYONE I MEET! Thank you Andrea, from shy Pin Up girl from Spring 2010 🙂


A photoshoot with Andrea is so much more then just a photo shoot, it’s a decadent experience! As soon as you walk into her lavish studio you know you are taken care of and you are swept away into a realm of glitz and glamour.
As someone who has modelled for many years now it was a nice change from the sometimes hectic photo shoots. Andrea and I have worked together 4 times now and each and every time I felt like a pampered princess…She and her exeptional team are extremely organised and no detail is left out…I recommend Andrea Hausmann Photography to every woman, model or not, any shape ot size…It’s an experience you won’t forget…


I’ve done a lot of shootings, but this one was simply the best! Honestly! Gorgeous outfits/set, amazing professional team…I felt like a real princess. They know how to make you look and feel beautiful and the results are simply stunning. Thank you guys, you are THE BEST. I’ll come back for sure!


It was my first time doing an actual photoshoot, and my first time having clothing supplied and having my makeup done..EVER. So I was really nervous, But Andrea is so adorable and tried to get me to laugh and relax. Antoine, I loved what he did with my hair, I have gone so many times to so many places to try and get this specific look, and no one did it except him. I hope to be able to enjoy another photoshoot with Andrea, once I learn to relax lol


Andrea and her team are the epitome of professionalism and provide the most fun a girl could possibly ask for! A warm, welcoming and beautiful studio paired with a gorgeous and glamorous clothing/accessories collection means there will NEVER be dull moment in the Hausmann studio 🙂

Thank you Andrea!


The experience in Andrea’s photography studio goes beyond picture taking. The way in which the team transform and ultimately empower a woman in the process is one of inspiration, creativity and breath taking beauty…of all kinds. Having had the experiences over the past several years, I can attest to the fact that its changed my ownperceptions of what I can be. And to go beyond those self induced ideas. All women should have this experience. Not only do women (and men) come away with images to behold, but the experience itself with the creative and talented team is one which will leave an ever lasting impression on each client. Much love!!! ♥


It was my first time getting such an exceptional photoshoot… I’ve been following Andrea’s team work for 2 years now and everytime I am stunned with all those pictures and atmospheres, so I decided to get myself into that unique experience. I totally adored it!!!!!! The wardrobe is simply breathtaking! Antoine and Christelle know how to spoil and pamper a client by making her feel beautiful and to show her (and everybody) a side of her person that nobody has seen yet. Andrea is an awesome photographer, knowing exactly how to get the best profile of her clients. She is a very good guide, she’s nice and sweet too. I totally recommend to experience it at least once in a lifetime. For a few hours, time stops, it’s like we’re flowing into a dimension of pampering, fun and surprises. Congrats to you three, you made my day with the Black Lace Pirate Photo Special! Am looking forward to work with you again and I can’t wait to see the pictures! Keep up the awesome work,guys! xoxox