Spy vs Spy

I spy with my little eye two instagram accounts to follow Andrea on.  

I love instagram for several reasons, one of them being that it’s fun to spy on the fun activities my friends do.  I love following their antics and though sometimes I’m overwrought with jealously over some of their amazing experiences, I also want to support them along their way.

I love instagram for myself as well because sometimes I do some pretty cool things. Sometimes they’re just totally normal things that get my creative juices going.  But overall its an insight to my life and what inspires me.  That’s where @coquetteinspiration comes into play.  That’s my account for my fun party outfits, my travel picts, my amazing friends.  Remember, no judging! 😉

Coquette Inspiration

As crazy as my personal life gets, my professional life can be just as interesting.  From how I create sets, to behind the scenes photos, you’ll get a sneak peak into my life as a photographer and the team I work with.  To see these photos, follow me here: @andreahausmannphoto.  On this account you’ll get a preview of all the projects I’m working on and some of the cool concepts I come up with.

Andrea Hausmann Photo

I keep these accounts separate because not everyone wants to see me drunkenly riding a bull or they find it boring to see me painstakingly glue gun hundreds of flowers and crystals together.  Personally I think both halves of my story are worth the follow…. just sayin’….

I hope you enjoy!  Oh and please comment!  I love to hear from you guys!  🙂