Creating a Designer Dress with Fabric & Pins

Buying designer is great but looking designer is even better.  And when it comes to a photoshoot, the majority of pieces that look great on camera have to be so much larger than life.  That’s why one of my favourite things to do in a shoot is to create something on the spot.  Not only is it so much fun to do, it also creates a one of a kind piece that can be over-the-top amazing.

Here’s a video I created with my childhood friend, Kara-Sophie.  We grew up together and used to love to give each other make-overs when we were very young.  So when I told her that I sometimes create dresses for clients, she thought it would be so much fun to video it and proposed being the guinea pig in the scenario.  With my trusted assistant, Trixie, and a bottle of bubbly by my side, I obliged Kara’s request.

Before I went into photography, I used to study fashion at Ryerson University and at LaSalle College.  I pulled some crazy hours in the sewing room and bled over many of my patterns, but it definitely left me with some skills.  I look at a piece of fabric and I automatically think about the weight, texture and how it can be used to compliment the curves of a woman’s body.  I no longer spend my nights sewing, but I still love creating unique pieces with pins and different fabrics.

Check out some of my past shoots that I created the look with fabric and lots of pinning.

My clients love the process as much as I do.  At first it seems pretty random, but as the look develops, we all get so excited.  I’ve used everything from bed sheets to curtains to random pieces of fabric that I collect in the hopes that it will one day come in handy.  But if Scarlett O’Hara could do it, why shouldn’t we?