How to Pose for a Classic Boudoir Photoshoot

Body Language holds more of an impact than we realize and it is magnified during a shoot. From the tilt of your chin, to the delicate placement of your hand, a story quickly unfolds with your movements, in front of a camera. We’re all made differently and the more comfortable you are with your body, the better your photos will turn out. Some of the sexiest women that I have worked with were 40+ years and that is because they have lived an interesting life and are comfortable in the vehicle that drove them through it.

Having photographed over 600 women of all different shapes, sizes and walks of life, I have had the privilege of bringing out great things in these beautiful women. This book is the first in a series of how to pose in a variety of photoshoot styles. Starting with this first volume, the Classic Boudoir, I will be sharing the se- crets I have until now only shared with my clients.

Welcome to a sneak peek of The Little Black Book of Poses.

The Classic Boudoir Edition-1 The Classic Boudoir Edition-9 The Classic Boudoir Edition-13 The Classic Boudoir Edition-18 The Classic Boudoir Edition-20 The Classic Boudoir Edition-22 The Classic Boudoir Edition-28 The Classic Boudoir Edition-33 The Classic Boudoir Edition-35 The Classic Boudoir Edition-39 The Classic Boudoir Edition-44

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Concept, photography and writing by

model: Scarlett James
mua & hair: Scarlett James

Red Room

model: Scarlett James
mua & hair: Scarlett James
lingerie: Agent Provocateur

Plus Size Confidential

model: Yael Perez
mua: Christelle Souverbie
hair: Alexandra Apple
fans: On Loan from Billy L’Amour
nails: IsaGel Mtl

Working the Location

model: Caroline Lambray
mua & hair: Christelle Souverbie
location: restaurant Atame Aphrodisiac

A Tease of the Pin-Up

model: Scarlett James
mua: Chistelle Souverbie
hair: Carl Stark