A Gift to Myself

Andrea Hausmann Photography

A friend of mine told me that she was looking for a photographer for boudoir portraits to gift to her husband. I immediately thought of Andrea Hausmann.

My friend was hesitant and really nervous.

“I’ve never had photos done before,” she told me, “I don’t know how to pose or anything.”

“Don’t worry, it’s a really safe and relaxed environment. They’ll give you all the direction you need, and a glass or two of sparkling courage, and you’ll be pampered like a princess.  You’ll see – You’re going to love her. She has a fabulous team, she’s great at what she does and she’s so adorable, it’s ridiculous.”

“Fabulous team, great at what she does and so adorable it’s ridiculous? What more could a girl want from her photographer? Sign me up!”

I called Andrea and explained that I had a friend who wanted to book a shoot, and while chatting she innocently asked how I was doing. I told her I was great.

“I’m great! Yeah, things are great, that’s a lie. I’m not great. My girlfriend and I just broke up and it’s weird, because I’m really not handling it well, you know? I mean, I’m not okay. 

It’s like I have a heart and a soul or something. It’s making me really sad.  I’m sorry, are you working right now? 

I really didn’t mean to tell you all that. I meant to ask you if you have any space on the weekend for my friend.”

To which Andrea responded by saying sweet and supportive things about break-ups – and by saying sweet and supportive things, I mean yelling something about where all the exes of the world should be exiled to and what they should do when they get there – which, naturally, cheered me up immensely.

And also, she mentioned that she had two places left on her weekend photospecial weekend, which I imagine she meant for my friend to choose from, but I rather impulsively decided that I was going to book one of those spots for myself.

In the past, having had shoots with Andrea for the purpose of promotion for Burlesque shows, I have  always gone for looks that were playful, coquettish, and even cute.

Damiana Dolce

But this time,” 

I told her,

“These photos aren’t for work, or my web site, or anybody else.

These photos are a gift to me, so I want them to be different.

I want them to exude the energy of a strong and self-assured woman.

 I need to channel her, to feel her, to see her face, and to look into her eyes.”

And Andrea Hausmann delivered exactly that.

Damiana Dolce

And in the end, I had photos that were a deeply meaningful gift to myself, and also happened to be perfect for my web site and self-promotion, and made my (no-longer ex) girlfriend’s jaw drop.

What more could a girl want from her photographer?

Andrea Hausmann Photography
Andrea Hausmann Photography


make-up artist: Christelle Souverbie ~ hairstylist: Alexandra Apple


About the Author ~ Jennifer June

I’m a musician, a writer, a burlesque performer (under the stage name Damiana Dolce), and a blogger for sweetvegan.net, and theladyslounge.com. I am the founder of, and an animator for Women’s Workshop Weekend, in Montreal.

I am also the mother of three talented, bright, and beautiful daughters, who have taught me so many wonderful life lessons, not the least of which being; that in order to set a good example, one must be absolutely genuine and nothing less than true to themselves.