You Get What You Pay For…..

I’m often told that my services are too expensive.  At first I tried to see how I could make everything cheaper but then I realized I’m not fast food and neither are my team.  We are a luxury service as well as a team of fantastic artists that deserve to get paid for all the hard work we do.  As artists we’re too often told that we should do it for the credit or the fun of it or some other excuse.  And you know, 1% of the time that’s true.  But for the other 99% of the time, this is our job.  We love our job, but it is our job.

When I saw Genevieve FT‘s cartoon, it really hit home.  I think, as artists, we need to support each other as well as band together on pricing.  We can not work for free or for pennies because not only does it devalue our work but it is just not sustainable.

I agree with Genevieve’s 2 cents, do you?