Who do you feel like being today?

It all started with this really inspiring Ted Talk about happiness and positive psychology.  The entire talk was amazing – I definitely recommend watching it- but my biggest take away was that a little boy convinced his little sister that she was in fact a baby unicorn and in return she forgot the pain she felt when she fell off the bed with a broken arm.  With the many changes that have been going on in my life and the never ending winter, I decided I didn’t want to be myself – I wanted to be a sparkly mermaid/fairy creature.  Let’s just say Christelle, my wonderful friend and fabulous make-up artist, was excited to get on the sparkle bandwagon.

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“It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept. ” – Bill Watterson

I love transformations.  I love creating lighting and sets that express my moods or elements that inspire me through my photography.  When I first started I hated being in front of the lense but through time I’ve learned more about myself as well as that with the right hair and make-up team, you can create some amazing transformations, no matter what you look like.

Here are some of the past make-overs I’ve done on myself with my team over the years.  For all these photos, I set up my camera on a tripod, set-up the lighting and either had Christelle click the button or I used a remote.

Despite changes in hair, outfits, lighting or make-up, I still feel that each image shows a different aspect of my personality.

If you’d like to explore a different side of you, e-mail me at coquettehausmann@gmail.com to discuss your photoshoot.  Together we can discuss all the elements that will make your photo shoot special.

See the Ted Talk that inspired my glitter transformation here: