Red Velvet Photo Special – March 28 & 29


“‘Will you walk into my parlour?’ said the Spider to the Fly. ” – Mary Howitt

You’ve earned the time to take care of you, to treat yourself to a sweet indulgence, to remind yourself that you’re worth it.  Let us put a spell on you with our amazing glamour team and guide you onto our Red Velvet set.  Slip into (or out of) your favourite lingerie, dress, or let Andrea drape fabric, creating your own custom gown, on this classic, yet passionately red velvet set.

Whether you’re dominate or submissive in your life,  tie on a new role, and explore the idea of being the seductress or the coquette in Andrea Hausmann’s Red Velvet Photo Special.

Andrea Hausmann Photography

March 28 & 29

2 Looks
2 High Res Retouched Images
Hair & Make-Up

2 Looks
5 High Res Retouched Images
Hair & Make-Up

3 Looks
8 High Retouched Images
Hair & Make-Up

It could never be a proper photoshoot special with Andrea without bubbly, sweets, her vintage furs, and a few sparkly accessories that she picked up in Los Angeles.

To book your spot, e-mail Andrea at with “Red Velvet” in the subject.