Model of the Month: Vintage Vandalizm

Otherwise known as Jasmin Rodriguez,  Vintage Vandalizm has been such a style inspiration to me.  Combining vintage with modern, ultra fem with bad ass chic, this woman really knows how to make any look work.  I’ve been following her blog for years, always wanting to work with her.  I was so happy to find out that our schedules finally matched and that we could shoot together when I was in Vegas this past fall.  Even though we threw together the concept quickly, and it was our first time working together, I fell in love with her immediately and the photos came together perfectly.  A beautifully curved doll of incredible energy, Jasmin ransacked her closet of fabulousness and put together some inspired looks that any vintage pin-up would be proud to wear.

I was very fortunate to use a friend’s beautiful home that leant towards Jasmin’s gatsby/glamour pin-up look.  For the longest time, I’ve been trying to do a pool shoot but something always came up that prevented it from happening.  I learned this day that just because the temperature was warm does not mean that the pool would be… I was crossing my fingers that Jasmin liked me/trusted me enough to get into the freezing cold water, because I knew the resulting images would be worth it.

Vintage Vandalizm


Vintage Vandalizm

Between the freezing water, vintage shopping, In-N-Out burgers and a fabulous birthday dinner, I know I’ve found an incredible muse, friend and style guru in Jasmin.  Oh and the photos, were pretty good, too…  😉  I can’t wait to come back to Vegas for more fun, adventures and wonderful photoshoots with absolutely wonderful Vintage Vandalizm.

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