We’re on TV!

Summum Magazine, Edition Maillots 2013Photo: Nicolas Dupere
Summum Magazine, Edition Maillots 2013
Photo: Nicolas Dupere

As some of you know, Christelle Souverbie, our talented make-up artist, was chosen to be a Summum model for their swimsuit edition.  She spent a beautiful week in Jamaica shooting and came back with some amazing memories and one hell of a tan!  She looks super hot in all her swimsuit photos, definitely worth checking out the magazine.  There was a camera crew that followed all the behind the scene moments of the girls and the Summum TV series was created.  When everyone came back to Quebec, they followed all the girls in their lives and followed Christelle to the studio for a shoot!

Here’s Christelle talking about her work, the studio and the fitness competition she did this past fall!  You also get to see some behind the scenes of a pin-up photoshoot of the show’s host, Amélie Paul, as well as Christelle.  I have to admit I didn’t realize they were going to show so much of me posing (deep blush) and please forgive my french, literally.  I try, I really do.

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