Fall 2012 Makeup Trends

This season, the make-up trend is all about being dark and romantic. Think rich colours for your lips, as well as your eyes! Let me talk to you about my top 3 looks for the fall, as well as my favorite products to achieve these sexy looks!

#1. The fresh face

To get this look, your face needs to look flawless! Start by indulging in a great facial by a professional. The weather change is hard on the skin, and it’s time to change your beauty routine. Listen to your expert’s advice and get some new products for the winter. If you don’t know where to go and have a bit of budget, the best esthetician in town works at Holt Renfrew for Erno Laszlo. Her name is Tina and she works magic. Buy the products and get your facial done for free.

Christelle’s pick: My favorite foundation this season is the new Maestro by Armani. Incredibly light, smooth and composed with dry oils, this is the finest texture you will ever experience. I have a very oily skin and I don’t even need to powder it, that’s how incredible it is.

#2. Smokey Browns

I just love the simplicity and drama of this eye make-up. Use very little to no black, stay in the browns, taupe or gray palettes. Don’t use too much liner either, you want your eyes to look a little ethereal! Just find the perfect color for you, a nice highliter and finish with a good mascara!

Christelle’s pick: Dior Celebration Collection Palette for the Holidays 2012. This palette is perfect to keep in your purse if you ever want to spice up your day make-up for a sexier evening look. The colors are elegant and usefull, and there’s even an eye pencil in the case.

#3. Mulberry Mouth

Sometimes you may feel like the make-up trends of the season are too much for you, and you could never pull it off, but there are so many flattering trends this season. When I first saw this year’s colours for lips –these grayish, sometimes brownish taupes- I really wasn’t sure if it was going to look good on anybody. I was so wrong! I’m in love with all these neutral and chic tones of lipstick!

Christelle’s pick: You don’t have to go all the way, the tinted lip balms and glosses make a great impact, too! My favorite of the season is the Gloss d’Armani, number Pink 507. Yes, I love Armani beauty products. The new collection of lip glosses are all beautiful, but this particular shade stands out. It’s the perfect neutral yet rich color, you just have to try it out!

Don’t forget to check out my website and feel free to write me an email if you need some advice, it will be my pleasure to help you feel more beautiful!! Enjoy the fall while it lasts and take care!