Weekly Indulgence: Getting Lost

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” 
― Jack Kerouac

When there is too much on my plate and too many decisions to make, I like to take a little time out and get lost.  I can clear my head, prioritize my list and feel refreshed to go back to regular life.  My favourite place to get lost these days are on Mont Royal.  I’ve lived in Montreal all my life, seen the lookout and beaver lake but never did I experience all the hidden paths I’ve recently found on the Mountain.  You can just walk and walk without the site of a single car or the noises of the city.Having spent so much time in the country when I was younger, I’m feeling more at home in my own city having found this little oasis.  The mountain provides everything i could look for in walk: there are beautiful winding paths for a casual stroll or steep climbs if I feel like getting a little dirt under my finger nails.  It’s really adding a balance to my life that I desperately need and gives my eyes a break from a computer screen or a bright flash.

And Trixie is in heaven.  She just got her first professional hair cut and she’s frisky from being able to really feel the wind.  Trixie has also gone through a bit of a transformation this year.  When I first picked her up she had black tiger stripes and her fur was quite a bit different.  

She’s going through an awkward stage, at the moment, with a few little bald patches, some bright red patches, some gerri curls on her forehead and long black hairs appearing sporadically.  The lesson I think we can all learn from Trixie is that you don’t have to have perfect looks to have the time of your life.  I plan on climbing those mountains until I look as happy as she does soaring over all the road’s obstacles.

Have a very indulgent day!



I’m wearing: Leather Jacket from Danier Leather, BCBG jeans, sweater from Le Chateau, boots from Miss Sixty, and leopard print hat from Simons.  I’m wearing Implicite lingerie underneath.