Weekly Indulgence: Fifty Shades of Grey

This isn’t normally the type of book I read but I couldn’t resist when a client gave me the series as a thank you.  I started reading it with an open mind and was quickly amused.  The books have received rave reviews from some and torn to shreds by others and it was hard to keep those opinions out of my head.  I definitely understand both sides so instead of looking at it as a piece of literature, I took a step back and looked at what its 15 minutes of fame means for pop-culture. Who would have thought that women of every generation would be reading a book about BDSM?!?  It really doesn’t matter if you think the “play” was tame or scintillating, I’m just happy women are coming out of their closets and openly talking about different types of sex and pleasure outside of the “Sex in the City” context.  If these books leads more people and couples to be more open with their sex life, I think it’s fantastic!

I’ve never been one for playing by a man’s rule, so do not expect me to love the premise of the story line.  I don’t think anyone should look at these characters as realistic portrayals of young women or miliionaire men – do not look up to them as role models.  But, for a night, why not play out one of the scenes with a partner?  Why shouldn’t you indulge by adding a soft D&S fantasy scene to your bedroom repertoire?

Do not take this book as serious reading, this is junk food for the brain.  We all have to admit how much we all crave a McD’s chocolate shake, big mac and fries, we just know to not indulge too often.  If you need a light, fun, read for a beach trip, instead of grabbing a book with Fabio on the cover, grab “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  You might not love the story but at least you’ll know what everyone’s talking about (this is coming from a women who sat through Twilight to see sparkly vampires).

Have a very indulgent evening!



P.S. If you want to get a really good laugh, watch this clip and then read one of the sex scenes in the book.  You’ll never be able to say “Oh, my” in bed again.