Weekly Indulgence: Agent Provocateur Pink

My latest indulgence is painting my bathroom Agent Provocateur pink with black trim.  It’s in a celebration of purchasing my first Agent Provocateur lingerie set.  It can be very difficult finding things that fit right (I’m a 30DD or 32D) but I decided to take the plunge with this set that I’d been eyeing for over a year.  I bought it not for a boy or for a specific occasion but because I wanted a beautiful set of lingerie just for me.  It’s my first matching set (shocking I know) and it was worth every penny.

Until this apartment, I always decorated my previous places in a very safe way.  I tried to stay away from ultra feminine touches in fear of being considered too girly.  I had white walls with maybe a pop of blue or red if I was feeling dangerous.  When I found this apartment, I felt with the swinging ’60s vibe and I couldn’t resist adding the necessary touches – white shag carpet; girly photos on the wall.  I stopped caring what other people thought and decided to create the ultimate bachlorette pad.

At first I thought the pink would be too much but looking at myself each morning with a rosy reflection, just makes me feel pretty!  White walls made the space look bigger but also made me apppear tired and washed out.  Now I see myself with beautiful pink skin and a naughty sparkle in my eye thinking about the lingerie set that inspired it all.

Lingerie in the box: Red Fifi set from Agent Provocateur – Please remember when ordering from them, make sure to get a cup size bigger as the fit is very small.

Have a very indulgent weekend!