My Weekly Indulgence: Breakfast in the Park

As the summer is slowly coming to an end, I’m trying to sneak in as much sunshine into my days as possible.  I love going to the park early in the morning with Trixie or with a girlfriend and just take in the fresh air.  They make a fabulous croque monsieur and coffee at Entre le Café et la Plume across the street from the park that gives me the energy and flavour I need to start the day.

Even if I’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed, I find taking a slower, more relaxing start can reset my mood.  I never mind working late at night or on the weekends when I know I can take time for myself in the park.  I was raised spending all my summers and weekends in the country surrounded by animals and I’m starting to miss it more and more.  Watching the dogs run around like maniacs while I sip my coffee is just what I need to clear my mind and get ready for my day ahead.

Indulging in a few minutes of quiet with fresh air, coffee in hand, mutt by my side is an important ritual that I hope to continue even when the green fades away.I’m wearing a top from BCBG, skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters, gold hoop earrings from Ralph Lauren, aviator sunglasses from Chanel, and platform sandals from Cynthia Vincent.  What I’m wearing underneath: Strapless bra from Calvin Klein (the best strapless I’ve ever owned – stays up all day and night) and lace thong from La Senza.

Have a very indulgent weekend!