Bad Ladies & The Detective: Aug 18th

“This is a Neo Burlesque show with theatrical spice.
This is a Sexy cabaret with Science Fiction spice.
AND This is the real, what is going on…”
—Cherry Typhoon

In the year 2XXX, Art is forbidden by the world government and everyone is monitored on the ‘KENSAKU System’. But, Some artists escape from KENSAKU and create a cabaret show that breaks people free from the government’s brain-washing. Thus are born…the Bad Ladies!



その名は「Bad Ladies」…命がけのバーレスク。

`Bad Ladies and the Detective’ is a Neo Burlesque show featuring the most original, hot and innovative Burlesque Performer based in Montreal and Toronto. The theme is, ‘Forbidden Cabaret’ and it will showcase Burlesque, Boylesque, film, song, dance duet, comedy sketches and body painting.

And, this show has Theatrical Spice.

Holly Gaultier-Frankel, the award-winning actress based in Montreal, Sae Sasaki, and Cherry Typhoon will play characters that invite you into a world where all freedom of expression is forbidden.

Staring/Mettant en vedette/出演:

Lady Josephine / Miss Sugarpuss / Bonbon Bombay / Cherry Typhoon/ St.Stella/ James and the Giant Pasty/ Sae Sasaki





Directed By Cherry Typhoon

Film By Stephen Portman

Photo By Andrea Hausmann

Live Body Painting By Esmeralda

構成・演出 チェリータイフーン

映像 スティーブン・ポルトマン

写真 アンドレア・ハウスマン

ライブ・ボディペイント エスメラルダu


August 18th, 2011, Theatre St Catherine

TICKETS/BILLETS 20 $ (Online and at the Door/ à la porte + en ligne)