Kerosene Deluxe: July’s Voluptuous Muse

“Cultivate your curves – they may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided.”
Mae West

I remember the first time working with Kerosene Deluxe several years ago and how much fun we had playing with the Naughty Minnie Mouse themed shoot.  She was so open to all my crazy ideas and we just giggled all day!  I loved that I could exaggerate her curves with costuming and poses and she really embraced her inner doll.  It was just a day of pure playfulness and I loved every moment of it.

The 2nd shoot we did together started a little more serious and dramatic but of course turned silly at the end.  What I enjoyed so much about working with Kerosene is the diversity she brings to every shoot and how well she can play a character.  I think its so great that she never takes things too seriously and there’s always a running joke behind the scenes.

For our third shoot together, we wanted to tackle some pretty extreme corsets.  There were several humorous moments trying to get Kersosene into these itsy bitsy waisted corsets from Lovesick Corrective Apparel – lets just say we’re much closer friends . 😉  Kerosene was such a trooper and the effect was well worth it. This is probably one of my favourite shoots of all time.

When I heard Kerosene was moving to Vancouver, I had to squeeze in one last shoot!  This make-up that Christelle Souverbie did was absolutely stunning; I just adore this shot!  We threw all the elements together at the last minute and it worked out so great!  Her face is such a great palette to be able create so many different types of looks.

I hope one day Kerosene Deluxe will return to montreal for another shoot as I miss her so very much.  She is so proud of her curves and you can see her confidence in every pose.   Kerosene is an absolutely stunning creature and an amazing role model for all women.  There were so many amazing shoots we talked about doing but did not have the time – I cross my fingers that our paths meet again.  If you want to see more photos of her from some other fabulous photographers, check out her website here:  Some of her photos are also available for purchase here:

Have a beautifully curvaceous day!