Because Change is Fun!

Its hard balancing work, play and all the different relationships in your life!  Add some hot, sticky weather and things get even tougher.  For me, that’s the perfect time to take a vacation from my normal self.  I pair down my hair and make-up routine and embrace the wavy hair, freckle faced look. I throw away the black and embrace as much colour as I can wear at a time.  I take more time for myself and take Trixie to the park for some sun.  Summer is too short to stay inside and ignore it.  Work will always be there and it always gets done so why not take time for yourself and be a kid again?  I spent a beautiful weekend in the country with friends and embraced FUN!  From hula hooping to bombing down a waterslide, it was great to put the phone away, the camera down and just enjoy the moment.

Andrea Hausmann

In my attempt to take a vacation from the routine, I went one step further and did a fun dress up photoshoot that really took me out of my box.  I visited my dark side and had my way with the tiger print set for the bad girl pin-up special.  I went with saucier outfit choices and it even changed the way I spoke that day.  Its amazing that when you go for such a drastic look how it can bring you out of your shell.  Surprisingly it was easier to choose my photos because the images were so far from what I’m used to seeing in the mirror each day.  All in all, I had a great time shooting this look!

So if you’re tired of being you this summer, play some dress and see how it feels to be another version of you!  Bad girl or good girl, colourful or dark, change is great!



Everyday Summer Make-Up Look:  Armani Face Fabric Foundation, Bronzer from Guerlain, Blush from Nars in “Desire”, mascara from Dior in Black Out, smudged liner and eye brow colour from an older Dior 5 colour palette eye shadow set and lipstick from Elizabeth Arden in Neo Classical Coral.    Total time to get ready: 7min.

What I’m wearing in the black wig photos:  make-up from Crystal Make-up, nail polish from OPI in “Color So Hot it Berns,” lace robe from Lasenza, Red fish earrings from China Town, bra & garter set from What Katie Did, underbust corset from Lovesick Corrective Apparel, underwear from Huit.    Total time to get ready: 2hours.