Creative with Rosalie

I’ve worked with Rosalie several years now and she’s always a source of inspiration.  When I picked up a beauty dish (lighting) for the studio, I needed to test it out and she was the first person I though of.  It’s great to plan out creative shoots but I also love doing last minute, “whatever we’re in the mood for,” type shoots. We were a little bit schizo during this shoot and we were able to develop 3 different characters while keeping the same set and making small adjustments to the lighting.

For the first look I wanted to play up the texture contrast between the latex and the velvet and keep the overall feeling soft.

pink latex

For this look, I wanted total flash.  The series started more seriously but then we realized this was not an outfit to be taken seriously and we started to play.  We could not stop laughing while shooting this and I just love the results.

purple showgirl

For the last look, nothing was quite working how we planned but I still think I got some beautiful shots of Rosalie.  I really liked the softness of the lighting and the overall ’70s mermaid feel.

Have a beautiful day!