Marie Antoinette’s Pink Palace Lighting Test

This weekend is our Marie Antoinette special and I’m so looking forward to playing on the set.  We do a different version of this theme every year and its always challenging to come up with a new idea that encompasses the basic idea of Marie Antoinette.  An essential when building the set is to always have cupcakes, flowers, bright colour and the feeling of over indulgence.  This year I was really inspired by the colour pink and the Duran Duran’s music video GIRL PANIC.  I wanted there to be the feeling of an after party where they had the pleasure of over indulging in all of life’s little pleasures. Here are some pictures of the lighting test we did with sexy Yael Perez.  Make-up is by Crystal Make-Up and hair is by Antoine Binet Jolicoeur.

“-This is ridiculous!

-This, Madame, is Versailles”

Our assistant, Trixie, was having a little too much fun on the set…

And here is some photo insanity that led up to this beautiful shoot.

It's not a party without balloons.
I just love the combination of hot pink and animal print.
Christelle working on the set.
Adding the final touches.
Antoine attached clips to all the flowers so we can put them wherever we like!
Couldn't resist doing a Iphone Photoshoot to test out the set. Just another day at the office.
My version of a paper bag over my head.

And after all this, I’m sooo craving some delicious cupcakes from Bake Sale Girl, Nikki.. mmmm…..  Have a glamorous weekend!