Curves in all the Right Places

collar bone, curves

I believe all women have curves in the right places.  My favourite two curves on my body are that of my smile and shoulders. And don’t get me started on how much I love my collar bone…

No matter what your shape or size, we all have beautiful curves we should be showing off.  I like to wear things off my shoulders and find as many occasions as I can to giggle.

Give yourself another look in the mirror and find a curve that you love.  Who says it has to sit on your rib cage or rest above your legs?  A shapely ankle or wrist can be just as attractive.

And when you find that beautiful curve, showcase it with a piece of jewelry, a spritz of perfume or a brush of shimmer.  You’re a beautiful woman and you should let the world know it!

A big thank you to Lou Lou for modeling! None of her curves were changed when photoshoping these images.