Mata Hari Mystique & The Power Of Revealing Less For More

Mata Hari.

We all know her name, even if we don’t particularily know what she was ever originally popularized for.  She has become etched in history alongside iconic sirens and power players alike.  Once seen as the most desirable woman the world had to offer, thousands would flock to her dance shows if only for a glimpse of her exotic appeal.  Known for her ever-changing background and upbringing during interviews, she had the public wrapped around her little finger… keeping everyone interested with the perfect combination of mystery and mystique.  While she may have not been the prettiest, sexiest or most exotic around, she most definitely knew how to sell herself to her audience.  She understood the value in creating an alluring image and used it to her full advantage.

Sometimes the less information you put out about yourself results in the most reaction from others (in a negative or positive sense – still keeps them talking in any case).  You can craft what other people perceive you to be through nothing more than releasing select tidbits about yourself.  Celebrities do it every day.

Why not create the same aura around yourself?

Start a trademark in your personal style, be remembered for presenting things in a unique way… create yourself into the super heroine of your dreams.  Live large and let people wonder.  The women of the world forever remembered are always the ones with an unfaltering mystique that draws you in and never lets you go…

How will you make history?