Behind The Scenes @ The “Wardrobe Shoot”!

Love Andrea Hausmann photography but not sure what style to make your own?

Lucky for you, yesterday they documented their first-ever “wardrobe catalogue” shoot!

How does this help you?

 Basically it breaks down all the fabulosity you’ve come to expect from their boudoir aesthetic, and facilitates the creative process for both your efficiency and ease.  Sometimes it can feel impossible to pick a vision (wardrobe and beauty-wise) that reflects both your personal comfort as well as your personality – that’s why we categorized it all for you!  Wether you want the exact same look documented or a variation of the same theme, we’re showing you all your options!  Don’t want to embody the cliche of the french maid but still want to steal the essence of the fantasy?  Customize as you go from classics to extremes – the boudoir world is officially your oyster!

Charlie was in attendance making sure everything was in order…

A beautiful day of models at every size, bubbly, coffee, glamorous hair by Antoine and makeup by Crystal, fabulous accessories and trying everything on for size!  No experiment ever too tough a task for this dream team…

I am completely in love with this emerald-eyed fur stole – gorgeous!

Think you’ve seen it all?  Think again!

When you book a private shoot with the team you will have access to their entire catalogue of possibilities!  Stay tuned for more exciting news coming your way – we are in the process of fine tuning a few of our features as to allow us to venture further into the innovative and luxurious alongside all of you!

Hope your weekend is beautiful!