Beat The Heat Bombshell Beauty (10 Tips & Tricks)

As the heat and humidity escalate, we become forced to adapt and change our beauty routine accordingly (why some abandon it entirely during this part of the year is beyond me – there is nothing quite like dolling yourself up in the bright shades of the season!).  With the temperature increase, comes a slew of new beauty rules and formulas – check out our “beat the heat” recommendations for any babe on the go…

  • Scrub!  Scrub!  Scrub!  Because of the intense humidity that comes along with Montreal summers, make sure you boost up your scrub regime!  During the winter once a week may suffice, but with the extra pollution, sweat and sun, your skin may need a little more breathing space!  Scrubs with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are great for those with acne-prone skin, but my fave still remains a DIY white sugar and honey mix right out of the pantry (works great for the body as well).  Unblock those pores and keep that skin glowing!
  • Facemasks galore.  Boost your at-home beauty regime to two times a week using a clay mask to draw out all impurities (works great if you do the scrub right before you apply the mask – try it!).  Lush has my favourite face masks – all fresh, all beneficial!
  • Get into lotions and oils with cooling sensations.  There are many eucalyptus, mint and tea tree lines out there (be it shampoo’s and conditioners to foot scubs), rub them into your skin and enjoy the feeling when a breeze crosses your path.
  •  When it comes to hair – keep it simple.  Straightened and curled hair looks amazing, but the beauty of summer is spontaneity (and being able to leave your hair woes at the door).  Your hair (or makeup for that matter) should never influence your decision to jump into a pool or run through a sprinkler :).  Take the time to master braids, elegant buns that look great wet, high ponytails and a la bohemian (air dried and left down).  Besides, no point in dedicating time to a style that humidity will frizz out in no time right?
  • Enjoy wearing light and natural fabrics.  The more free-flowing, absorbent and breathable they are – the more comfortable you will be.  Skip out on that snug pencil skirt and opt for the linen mini instead ;).
  • Skip on products that melt.  Foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick and eyeliner that is too creamy will always run and give the impression of a “Salvador Dali Clocks” melting face.  I am one for full coverage and full makeup style in summer, so I opt for mineral powders. matte formula’s and long-wear formulas (waterproof always a bonus).
  • Hydrate & Protect.  This should really go without saying, but I’ll say it anyways – make sure everything from your moisturizer to your hair serum has some kind of sun protection built into it.  In this day and age, if your beauty products aren’t delivering major results or prevention – they are useless.  Educate yourself and spare your body UV harm (in the very least adopt a sunscreen as your moisturizer).
  • Skip caffeine – it can make you sweat!  Opt for a decaf alternative when ordering that iced coffee or tea!  Drink lots of water – it will cool you from the inside out!
  •  Carry a mister.  Evian makes them (and you can make your own!) – fill an atomiser with water and a few drops of your favourite essential oils (rose, lavender and tea tree are what I recommend).  Not only is it a chic way to cool down, but the oils will actually calm redness and prevent blemishes in the heat!
  • Eat light.  With the humidity, stuffing your face will only make you feel heavy and disgusting.  Stock up on antioxidant rich berries (the strawberries out right now are TO DIE FOR), and skip as many fried delights as possible!