Movie Recommendation – Midnight In Paris

Some movies are just completely worth ranting and raving about – they deserve your time, energy and input (if only so that others can experience it’s amazingness for themselves).

That being said, let me jump right into Midnight In Paris (a movie with something for the dreamers and technical minds alike).  With nothing short of an all star cast conducted by Woody Allen; Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Carla Bruni and Adrien Brody steal the show reinacting Paris’ art scene in the twenties.  With an abundance of  flapper fashion to feast your eyes on, the movie transports you back in time while Wilson’s main character meets and befriends some of the worlds most influentially historical movers and shakers.  Raising the notion that everyone at one point believes the era they exist in is somehow lesser in value than previous time periods they look up to, Allen focuses in on how we admire and what influences/shapes us during our lifetime (alongside our inability to see historic moments in the making as we live them).

Any literature or fashion/art buff will literally gasp out loud in the theatre when being introduced to Picasso, Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds, Dali, Gertrude Stein and T.S Eliot (to name only a few).  This movie is exactly what everyone wishes they could do in Paris – witness the incredible glamour, sophistication and influence that shapes our world today… all at the stroke of midnight any given night of the week.  The contrast of the importance of priorities between “Americans” and Parisians is also quite stereotypical (but not false)… social observations to go round!

The makeup, the hair, the dramatic fashions… *drools*

See it in theatres, buy it when it comes out – there is a reason this film has been getting so much attention!