Switch Up Your Hair Style

The beauty of being a woman obsessed with experimenting with her looks, is the power that comes with reinvention and rejuvination.  There is never a valid reason for being stuck in a style rut when it comes to the abundance of choice in the fashion and cosmetics world.  Whether you’re looking to emulate an icon, find an identity that brings out your best, or jump into radical extremes merely for the thrill of it all – there are aestheticians, makeup artists and hair dressers waiting on your every whim and desire to transform and guide you!  The question ladies and gents, is not what can you be, but more who do you want to be?

My latest beauty venture, has been jumping into the glamorized world of being a blonde (Miss Andrea is equally making the transformation from blonde to redhead!).  Having had a natural brown/black hair colour my entire life (with crazy pale skin to contrast), I decided it was time for a change.  If not now, then when?  Why be scared of change when it opens up a whole new way of experiencing the world (and how others think of you)?  Experimenting with various hairstyles and haircolours over the years, I can safely say there is no better way to dramatically bring out different parts of your personality than by picking a colour you’ve always wanted to try and just flat out going for it!  I also hope to get a bit more insight as to who really does have the most fun (brunette I was a sweetheart, redhead I was a bitch… will blonde set my inner party girl free?).

So how do you make the leap into the unknown world of colour?  Well, I’m no hair expert, but a few of the things I’ve learnt along the way when it comes to bouncing in between brunette, redhead and now blonde are…

  • Understand the maintenance involved before you make the change.  Can you afford bi-weekly visits to the salon to touch up those roots and get your hair looking fab again?  What about the products that will hydrate your locks and prevent breakage?  If you are making a 180 change in your colour, understand that to keep it looking natural and polished it will drain the bank account.  If you’re good with this, then go for it!
  • Research your salons/colourists.  Blonde is a tough colour to get right.  I am incredibly particular when it comes to the exact shade I want, and am glad to have my hair in the hands of an expert that will be making it happen perfectly.  Too many times I’ve seen victims of french fry hair leaving the salon (who knows, maybe that’s what they requested), and I can’t help but cringe.  Don’t skimp out with certain things – it will only make matters worse, and in the end you would have been better off not changing anything in the first place at all.
  • Trying a darker hue?  Don’t bother with the salon!  Get a colourist to explain to you how the mixing works and what percentage you need to overprocess your hair.  From there, do it yourself from home for under $10!
  • Rocking a bright colour or red?  Remember that these are the highest maintenance as the colours will repeatedly fade and need to be jumpstarted with a fresh dye every few weeks!  This you can also do at home depending on the availability of your shade.
  • When you decide what you want – stick with it (at least for a little while).  No need to parch and ruin your hair if you’re not going to commit for a good few months in the least.  Enjoy every stage and play with wardrobe and makeup hues to bring out your best beauty looks!
  • When you’ve finally reached the colour you love, get an equally fantastical cut to go with it!  Be daring and try something new, or stick with what you love… in any case your ends will probably need a little crop to bring the freshness back to your look.

Be bold, be brave – be you (with different hair)!