Behind The Scenes With Pug The Pinup!

Just this past Tuesday, I was spoiled and treated to a very fun, very chic, pinup shoot full with bubbly, gorgeous hair extention pigtails, my baby pug and a very risque leather corsetted horse tail…  It was a mix of innocent and dark sexiness… playful vs. dominatrix.  Seeing as I’m a full-blown Gemini, I was completely in my element with the contrasting duality (yum)!

Leaving the themes, outfits, makeup and hair to the pro’s (Crystal, Antoine and Andrea), it was so awesomely freeing to have someone else plan everything for me… felt like a mini vacation!  Of course pug had great fun wearing some massively blinged-out chokers as collars and stealing the spotlight all to herself on the gorgeous lips couch (I’m telling you, she is one seriously photogenic BABE)!

For the last sequence of shots (after some classic pinup looks on the couch and with Antoine’s beautiful red bike in a one-piece vintage romper), we went femme fatale all the way… whip, mask, Lovesick horsetail and all… it was a lot of fun to be so dramatic and play up a few ballerina-looking poses.  Can’t wait to see the final results of these ones… in black and white I’m hoping for something intense and fresh!

I couldn’t stop playing with my tail *tee hee*!

More photo’s to come!