Be A Bit Of Marilyn…

With Marilyn Monroe’s birthday coming up (and currently being in New York), I couldn’t resist a little tribute post to one of the most fascinating women of all time.

I have read countless biographies, watched her entire body of work and admired her beauty in each and every one of her photos since I was a young girl.  There is something so absolutely captivating about her that it seems the more you go searching for answers, the more you feel you know less about the woman she was portrayed to be.

A vixen, a wife, a lonely woman whose inner demons and fears both added to her allure and eventually destroyed her.  A beauty that has still never quite been matched in my minds eye.  A complex and intelligent butterfly who mastered the art of playing dumb when the joke was really on you all along…

Let us take inspiration from this timeless creature that still shines so brightly in the society we continue to live in.  Let us never connect vulnerability and acting aloof to negativity and lack of potential.  Let us always try our hardest, be our most beautiful, love our most open and take on each day with a new stride – whatever the setbacks or hardships may prove to be.

Let us all embody a little bit of that flame that made Marilyn burn so bright.

Happy Friday