Couture Stylespiration A La Dita!

Dita, Dita, Dita!

The beautiful burlesque icon has spot-on style followed by paparazzi and boudoir babes alike around the globe!  From red carpet to relaxed events, she is always looking her best in true loyalty to her personality/image.  Aside from her absolutely decadent costumes (signature louboutin soles paired with clusters of Swarovski-studded satins and accessories alike), the couture approach she takes towards dressing always leaves her fans yearning for what she’ll wear next.

How do you embrace your inner Dita?

Think of the person you WANT to be (even if it seems completely opposite of who you are now).  The beauty of fashion is that it is transformative and experimental – there is no right or wrong, only what you feel comfortable in and what you don’t.  Dita was a small-town girl with dirty blonde hair once upon a time, and while she is an absolute natural stunner, much of her beauty has been created and carefully contemplated.  She is a meticulous perfectionist when it comes to how she wants to be perceived, and clothing/hair play a powerful role in her convictions.

Step #1

Create a signature trademark.  While it’s fun to be trendy and embrace a bit of everything, there should always be a lil somethin’ somethin’ that anchors you down in your style selection.  A piece of your personality that you choose to always showcase and display.  For Dita, it’s very prominent in her beauty routine.  Jet black hair and ruby red lips.  The beauty mark under her left eye is the ladies only tattoo.  Winged liner and a very Marilyn Monroe approach to makeup.  When it comes to the clothing she wears, creme de la creme is what comes to mind first and foremost.  Always current in fashion and donning the most luxurious and contour-hugging silhouette’s the fashion world has to offer, she shines in goddess-like apparel that makes both women and men swoon.

Step #2

Embrace accessories!  From gloves to pillbox hats, satchels and antique brooches, accessories will bring you the mystique the modern world has abandoned!  Create an air of mystery and daring appreciation for the finer fashion statements the world has to offer.

Step #3

Play with transparencies and nudes.  Part of Dita’s strongest allure is that she’s mastered the art of not giving it all away.  Always appropriate, always a lady and never under or overdressed, she shows off her immaculate figure (which she credits to swimming laps every morning) with perfectly tailored precision.  Layering sheers or creating optical illusions with skin-coloured chiffons always trick the eye and get others minds racing ;).

Step #4

Take your time and be graceful.  I have yet to spot an unphotogenic picture of Miss Teese and I have a hunch her remarkably calm and serene demeanor is to be credited for this.  Concentrating always on the task at hand, it is rare when a picture of her answering a text or out of pose surfaces.

Step #5

Create a routine.  Sure most of us aren’t burlesque babes that have the extra time to have our nails meticulously done and hair perfectly curled, however the time investment is most often very rewarding.  Not only does it allow you a moment to yourself during the day (yes, even if it means waking up an hour earlier), but it reaps rewards you can enjoy all day long (and those around you as well).  Take the time to create a vanity area where you can sip at your favourite tea or champagne and really doll yourself up into the fantasy girl of your own dreams!

Step #6

Get matching!  Now I know every single fashion mag will tell you otherwise… that it’s outdated, not modern and generally fresher to do the contrary.  The thing is, dressing like that allows your style to lose a bit of it’s polish.  By pairing up on details you are connecting the dots and pulling everything together in an effortless manner.

Step #7

Never-ending body confidence.  This is more important than anything you could ever wear.  Stepping out in something extravagant loses it’s charm when the person wearing it is second guessing themselves.  Do whatever it takes to get right with your body and really embrace all the beauty you can and do possess.  There is no reason why you shouldn’t be living your most body beautiful life.

Happy Friday beauties!