How To Crystallize Your Fave Boudoir Items

What’s more fun than buying new boudoir items?

Making your own lovelies!

Glitterizing and boosting old favourites with new flare make classic staples shiny and new again.  All you need is a bit of patience (okay… maybe a lot), either fake or real gems, a great pair of tweezers and the finest crazy glue you can get your hands on!  From makeup compacts, shoes, handbags, bra’s, sunglasses and masks – everything under the sun can be bedazzled and sparkled up.

Experiment with different sizes, colours and metallic shines for best results (I find it helps best when you do a practice run on a scrap piece of cloth for visualization).  Want to get extravagant?  Order real Swarovski crystals to do the job in any colour of the rainbow you fancy.

 Just about every international designer has played with the technique while celebs and fashionista’s alike have embraced it (not to mention our beloved burlesque ladies and the studio members themselves)!

Love the look but don’t want to put in the footwork?  Visit the Andrea Hausmann studio for a memorable photoshoot fit for a queen and indulge in the VIP option!  With gorgeous pieces customized by Andrea and her team, you can dress up and play in the most decadent beauty without the fuss or mess!  What’s not to love darlings?