Arousing Accessory – Presenting The Nipple Pastie


Amber Ray, Burlesque Performer

Sparkly, tasseled, sexy with chains, sweet with bows; I’m talking about nipples.  Nipple pasties to be exact.
Nude shaded fabrics or silicone pasties come greatly handy for those dresses or tops that are best worn bra-less, without revealing it all.  Seen often on the red carpet and various other award shows, It’s how to stay modest without covering it alllll up.

When I think of pasties, I can’t help but remember Janet Jackson’s performance at the super bowl XXV111 halftime show. What a scandal that was (people are STILL talking about it)!  Justin Timberlake said it perfectly himself, entertainers are there to shock (and shock they did).

Pasties are most probably more common amongst Burlesque entertainers than vocal artists though. Pasties were worn in burlesque shows to hide the nipple and show as much of the breast possible. If you’ve ever wondered what a burlesque show experience is like, you’re in luck!  The Montreal Burlesque festival is happening this August 25, 26, 27, 28th 2011 at Club Soda.

Montreal’s own Coccolily brand experimented with some girly-rocker pasties sported by Montreal native Tia Ayrton-Hill. Work those pasties Tia! This past December jewelery designer Machete came out with a line of intricate nipple tassels and pasties made in collaboration with Miss Bloody Mary-Anne from the Blood Ballet Cabaret.

I feel like tassels are going to make a comeback soon. Lets make it happen ladies!

Especially with all the great looks you can get and try them in! Have fun!