Chocolate- Good Inside And Out!

Chocolate, just as good in your mouth as on your skin!  If you’ve heard that chocolate was actually healthy but put it off to myth, then you my dears have been missing out!

You already know how yummy chocolate is, but did you know your skin loves to eat it too? The effects it has on your skin are calming and soothing, giving your outer layer a hydrated and smoothed complexion. Chocolate naturally contains caffeine and polyphenols which are absorbed through the skin, and are said to aid in shedding pounds (if only we could all control ourselves in its presence)!  It’s also said that fat burning happens when the body is in a state of well-being and relaxation – so run that well deserved bubble bath while you’re at it!

So get covered in chocolate, achieve fabulous skin and lose weight while you’re at it… I’d say what are you waiting for ladies?!?

Going to the spa for a body wrap is initially a good idea because it detoxifies the body, improves blood circulation and helps to tone and tighten the skin.  Now add the powerful anti-oxidants chocolate delivers, muscle soothing complexes and vitamins that leave the skin with a luminous glow, and baby – you’re looking like a star!

The perfect end to a tough week at work or splurge for your soon to be birthday!

There are two main spas in Montreal that offer these silky smooth body treatments. Spa Bota Bota, located on the water of the old port of Montreal (seriously cool and brand spankin’ new) has an anti-pollutant and anti-stress cocoa treatment, followed by a therapeutic bath overlooking the scenic old port landscape. Spa Diva, a tranquil spa located on the upper floor of Les Cours Mont-Royal, also hold a great anti-oxidant, anti-aging natural detox chocolate treatment, which includes a tension-relieving facial massage (how bout that?)!

Want to incorporate cocoa into your beauty regime on a more permanent level?  Infuse your skincare and bath products with homemade soaps and fresh face masks from Lush (Cupcake is amongst one of my all-time faves that deep cleans for  clogged pores)… or, hook yourself up with a fabulous lipgloss to carry the smell with you sans calories… any way you do it, chocolate is the new “must have” ingredient to adopt (try it and love it)!