The Power Of Bold Feminine Lashes

Many dismiss fake eyelashes (or layering on several coats of mascara) altogether for the simple excuse of not wanting to be beauty bothered in their day (yes, I DO understand how limiting time restraints can be)…


Ladies, please hear me out when I say you should invest more time and effort into making your lashes look and feel nothing short of swoon-worthy every day!  Trust me, you can thank me later…

Many people forget the seductive powers that eyelashes yield.

A natural attractor, the longer and curved a gorgeous set of eyelashes are – the bolder and healthier the person bearing them appears.  You see, nature has this funny thing called illusion that tricks us all into being predisposed to certain attractions on a primitive level.  Looking bright-eyed is connected to health and youth… which of course translates to a higher probability of fertility (aka love on the brain).  But enough with the biology class, we are here to talk glamor!  Dramatic and larger than life falsies are an amazing way of slimming the face, making your natural eye color pop and lending the perfect prop for a flirt fest ;).  Bat those darlings – they are scene stealers!

Love the look of falsies but wanna skip on the fuss?

Try the individual lashes (they come in small clusters instead of a full strip).  Not only are they easier to put on and arrange in a custom way, but I find them much more comfortable and natural to wear day-to-day.  More of a mascara maven?  Invest in a great cream formula that builds without clumping in serious ways.  Don’t want to bother with makeup at all?  Try semi-permanent eyelash extensions (you can get these done at select spas and nail salons) – but ONLY if you don’t plan on wearing mascara ever (this will only leave things in a messy state when you go to wash them)!

Find your lash regime and bring on the lust!