What’s The Difference? Corsets Vs. Bustiers

I mean really, can you say you actually know the very fine line that differentiates a structured corset from it’s slightly more whimsical cousin the bustier?

Neither could I until I researched it…

I mean, I got the drift when it came to the basics of what they both were all about, but just like most, I too was quite guilty of throwing each of their terms around fairly loosely.

Both make you think of lingerie, both make you think of pushing all the right parts into exactly the right spots… so what IS the difference that separates these two fine examples of fierce femininity apart?

Well, kinda their history…

Corsets have been around for quite some time now (just check your fashion history books ladies and gents).

Originally constructed to shape the body to create the ideal hourglass figure of the time, as fashion progressed, so did it’s shape.  From designs that pushed up the bust, cinched the waist and even rolled the hips back (all from the structures sewn-in boning – originally made from actual bone, later to shift to metal), they very much succeeded in moulding women’s bodies to beautiful extremes.

There came a turning point however…

In 1917, the US War Industries Board asked women to stop wearing them to free up metal resources to be used for war production.  The movement was a success, and as a result freed up some 28,000 tons of metal (how’s that for coming together?!  That much metal built the Board exactly two new battleships)!

Since then, corsets as an everyday means of regular dress diminished.  While of course they are classics and repeatedly come in and out of fashion, it is the bustier that really owns modern grounds.

Bustiers give modern gals a bit more freedom when it comes to movement and flexibility (not to mention bustiers deem a bit easier to do up on your own).  Most often having no lace-up in the front or back to dramatically shape your torso, bustiers follow the contour of the female form and give it a little push up love where needed ;).

Both equally sexy, both wonderful for different occasions… corsets (perfect for playing lady of the lounge at a high-end event) and bustiers (ideal for endurance nights of dancing out with friends) serve each their own very marvelous purposes…

A few of my favorite local places to shop for each…




Have a beautiful Friday darlings!