Save Your Soles At Montreal’s Carinthia

We all fall head over heels (pun, of course intended) for the perfect pair of pumps that have the mind-blowing ability to send our heartbeats a-flutter…

The heartbreaking reality however is that one day, after much love, devotion, and wear & tear – the same beautiful babies that came into our lives, leave them.  I don’t know about you, but I am pretty rough with my things (not to say I don’t take care of them, I just fail to let a pair of shoes stop me from spontaneity – even if it means hiking up a muddy mountain… yes… that’s right…).  Fashion that maybe SHOULD be lasting me years can sometimes barely make it through months by my side.  I have however, found something of a secret weapon.

Maintenance is a vital part of extending any living or material things lifespan, and it seems as though I have found Montreal’s own luxury sole resuscitation center!  I have some pretty intricate pairs that perhaps need a tad more TLC than your average… Louboutins, Dries Van Notens, Badgley Mischka’s, Guiseppe Zanotti’s… I won’t just leave my babies with ANYONE!

That’s how I found Carinthia.  Located on St. Marc right in the heart of downtown Montreal, it is the very shoe smith that Holt Renfrew and Rosenstein’s alike confide in (they were bringing my shoes there for a long time before they passed on their little secret to me).

What makes them better than your average?

Carinthia first and foremost has an awesome staff with a sense of humor to match… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been offered a live-in closet shoe guard/protector/admirer that would only require feeding every once and a while ;).  These people know what they are doing when it comes to finicky heels that require very specific parts/colors/shapes.  In fact, I think they are actually one of the only (if not THE only) ones who carry the exact same shade of red soles imported from Europe (and the Louboutin house itself).  I have broken heels, ripped leather, and grinded my heels down to their bones… somehow I always get them back magically revived and looking better than brand new.

Make them a staple – call the best shoe doctor in town!


Carinthia (Since 1940)

514 935 8475

1228 St. Marc,

Montreal, QC.

H3H 2E5


Shop Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 7am-6pm

Thursday 7am-8pm