Local Shopping Spotlight – Blush Lingerie


Montreal has some incredible, not-so-hidden talent proudly blossoming away on an incredible international scale… if you tune into your fashion/boudoir senses they just may pop up right under your nose!

Blush Lingerie actually first came to my attention through a friend of mine who is currently one of the top designers for the brand.  Since then, I have been quite the fan of the line’s affordable luxury and incredible fit (when Andrea shot me for one of the specials I actually wore a navy/white pinup-inspired set of theirs adorned with canary yellow buttons – loved).

Available in some of Montreal’s most well-known stores, Blush can be found at The Bay, Simons, Boutique Onze and James Boutique (Sherbrooke West) amongst multiple well-noted lingerie shops (check their site for a user-friendly directory).

What I think I’m proud of most though, is their international span over the world wide web.  Being permanent staples on some of my favorite sites (Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters to name only two), they are making big waves on the fashion scene totally reppin’ for Montreal in a BIG way!

Not only do they put out incredibly sizzling shoots for each and every one of their new collections (you can view these online in their archives), they have some pretty nifty little functions on their site.  Get hooked up with wallpapers from their current collection, learn about lingerie sizing, and take a behind-the-scenes look via video at their photo shoots!


Does this model not remind you completely of Megan Fox?


The current collection has a gorgeous boudoir feel to it – red hints via tips and lips complimented by decadent lace and satin… prints and polka dots in subtle, very sexy ways…

*le sigh*



Happy Friday beauties!

Wishing you the most gorgeous weekend,