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Hello ladies!

Welcome to the first Crystal Makeup Newsletter!

In this first edition, I would like to take a few lines to tell you why I am doing this! At first, I was looking for an easy and accessible way to communicate all the new stuff about beauty that I find here and there! I also wanted to give some privilege to my followers and I figured this would be the best way to keep you informed! I also want to tell you all about the trends, and there will always be my version of it or my secret tricks!
This is also a good opportunity for you to ask me questions that I will answer here, for the benefit of everyone! (Feel free to send me a picture of you with your question for a more personal answer) Once in a while, there will
be contests where I will pick a random winner to get a transformation or a make-up class! And yes, you will see all the pictures!


MAKE-UP: Sooooo, it’s fall! It is time to adapt your color palette to the new season! Think romantic, use dark colors with a punch! Navy, gray, black and also purple or green!
The dark lips are in! Go bold with your choice of color!! My ultimate favorite of the season: A rich dark plum… Here is my version of the look!

My secret for perfect lips (The darker the lip color, the more perfect your lips need to be drawn..) Always use a freshly sharpened lip pencil to make your line cleaner! After applying your lipstick on top
of the pencil, draw the outer shape of your lips with counceller. By making your skin lighter and re-contouring your lips from the outside, the lip color will stand out more, look cleaner and help
prevent the color to run in the creases/lines! When I use dark colors on myself (like in the picture), I overdraw my top lip to make it look fuller, because dark colors tend to slim everything down! I try not to put gloss
on top because it makes the lipstick run even faster. I used the lip liner called Currant from MAC and the oh! so comfortable Rouge Volupté #12 from Yves Saint Laurent, which is already very shiny!

BEAUTY: This month, a very dear friend of mine posted this video on Facebook, and I thought it was genius.. Water Marble Nail Polish!! So here is the tutorial for an original way to do your nails:

I did it on natural nails, with no base coat (or a clear one) and I used only 2 colors: red and silver. Make sure your nail polish is new and very liquid, otherwise it won’t melt! Metallic colors are harder
to use for some reason, but it still worked on me. Last thing, don’t use your brand-new-awesome-25$ nail polish, because this technique uses a lot more product than the usual way!

HAIR: After the huge success of the Burlesque Festival, I am still in a very vintage mood these days.. So for you ladies who want to practice fantastic pin-up hair dos, I came across this great book on the internet,
and I highly recommend it!!
Blog of the month: The Midnight Palace
I found this treasure of vintage knowledge and I just love how they really describe everything there is to know about old Hollywood Glamour! Make sure you check out the ”Classic Star Look” section,
its worth it!

Contest of the month: Hair/Make-up Make-over!
Congratulations dear Sophie, I will contact you soon so we can have fun in my studio!!

On this happy note,
I wish you all a wonderful week and don’t be shy to tell me what you would like to hear about!!