Grand Burlesque Show!!

Andrea, Jill and Christelle, the team of Andrea Hausmann Photography, went all out for the Grand Burlesque Event and showed up in style!

The night was filled with great friends at a fabulous venue with AMAZING performances by Amber Ray, Gentry de Paris, Renea Le Roux, Coco Framboise, Michelle L’amour and Immodesty Blaise.

Here are a few photos from the fantastic night and the wonderful photoshoot that Andrea did of the performers the next day!!

The team of Andrea Hausmann Photography.

Jill and Christelle.

Our lovely table at the show.

Christelle doing makeup for Scarlett James

Flowers made by Amber Ray.

Setting up for the group photoshoot.

The amazing burlesque performers.

Andrea and Renea Le Roux.